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    Emergency Lighting

    JWS Security Systems is an approved installer of Emergency Lighting.

    Emergency Lighting

    There are vital regulations relating to installation and regular testing of emergency lighting, whether national regulations apply or not.

    JWS can also test and maintain your current installations.  Contact us today to find out how we can help.

    What is Emergency Lighting?

    Emergency lighting is essential in the event of a fire or power failure. It enables staff, visitors and customers to find emergency exits and escape routes, should the need arise.

    Emergency Escape Lighting: Be Prepared!

    Emergency escape lighting is the element of your emergency lighting system that provides illumination for the safety of people leaving a location or attempting to terminate a potentially dangerous process beforehand.

    It is part of the fire safety provision of a building and a requirement of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

    Emergency Light Safety Requirements

    Businesses should be aware of the following tests:

    • Emergency Lights require a 3-hour duration test to be carried out annually.
    • In addition, a 1-hour duration test must be carried out every six months.
    • A monthly ‘flick test’ is required to ensure batteries and light fittings are operational.
    Routine Inspections and Tests

    Where national regulations do not apply, the following shall be met:

    Because of the possibility of a failure of the normal lighting supply occurring shortly after a period of testing of the emergency lighting system or during the subsequent recharge period, all full duration tests shall, wherever possible, be undertaken just before a time of low risk to allow for battery recharge. Alternatively, suitable temporary arrangements shall be made until the batteries have been recharged.

    The following minimum inspections and tests shall be carried out at the intervals recommended below. The regulating authority may require specific tests.

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    Contact JWS directly to discuss your needs, and ask about our no-obligation free survey.