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    Fire Alarms

    Fire alarms save lives and property and are a legal requirement in many buildings

    JWS are specialists in all aspects of fire safety

    We offer a wide range of fire safety solutions, including installation, servicing, upgrading, and maintenance.  Rest assured, your business or home is safe in our hands.

    Fire Safety and the Law

    This area of security and safety is crucial and cannot be missed out of security planning for your business.  There are strict legal requirements to be sustained, including maintenance and testing of equipment and alarms.

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    Benefits of a Fire System

    A fire system is designed to warn of an emergency situation, where a potential fire hazard is caused by smoke or fire.  Often people forget that smoke alone can be a huge threat to life, material goods and buildings.

    The key point is being ahead of the fire: this controls damage and minimises loss.

    We regularly have customers who only make contact us following a Fire Risk Assessment that showed dangerous weaknesses and inadequate fire safety cover – or even after an actual fire.  Don’t get caught out.

    Trust JWS Systems to install your Fire Safety system
    • JWS has over 20 years’ experience in complete design of fire systems
    • We always install to the BS5839 standards and commission, making sure the system is fit for purpose
    • JWS has installed fire safety measures to businesses across Bristol and the South West
    • We guarantee customer satisfaction – and peace of mind
    Fire alarm twin flex
    Fire Alarm Inspections

    It would be easy if installation was the end of the story, but an alarm system that isn’t regularly checked can be ineffective.

    • The British Standards Institution recommends that a Fire Alarm system should be inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months, and the government recommends following this standard.
    • With JWS as your Fire Safety provider you can rest assured that everything will be working as it should.  As part of our package, our service team regularly maintains our customers’ systems and all our technicians are trained on the latest Fire Alarm equipment.

    Contact us today for a quote

    Contact JWS directly to discuss your needs, and ask about our no-obligation free survey.